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The Good Patch Rescue transdermal patch, yellow packaging
The Good Patch transdermal patches

The Good Patch

The Good Patch Rescue Transdermal Patch

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The Good Patch Rescue Transdermal Patch for Bounce back after a night out.

Our Rescue patch combines B1, B complex and Green Tea extract.

Plant-Based  //  4 Patches = 1 Pack

Patches work steadily and consistently over an 8-12 hour period. This means it won’t pick you up and drop you down.


While we recommend the inside of the wrist, patches can be placed on any clean and dry venous area on the body, so you can choose to show the patch or hide it.


Patches are easy to throw in your pocket and apply whenever your day needs a boost.


The patches are gluten free, dermatologically tested, paraben free, latex free, non gmo, cruelty free and vegan.