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nat + noor hair chopsticks
nat + noor hair chopsticks

Nat + Noor

nat + noor hair chopsticks

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Inspired by one of the most timeless hair accessories, our tonal hair chopsticks merge simplicity and beauty. The sleek shape and smooth surface all make for a gentle slide through the hair. Having individual hair sticks, as opposed to the U-shaped hair pin, allows for more versatility. Depending on hair thickness you can weave the pin through the hair once or multiple times. The more times you weave it through, the more it will hold in place. These hair sticks can be used for very elegant hair buns or the casual messy bun.

Material: Cellulose acetate

Dimensions: 7” L x .25” W

Sustainability: Cellulose acetate is a high quality, durable, renewable material made from wood pulp