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blow candle co signature collection
blow candle co signature collection
blow candle co signature collection
blow candle co signature collection

Blow Candle Co

blow candle co signature collection

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Introducing blow candle co Signature Collection!

these amazing candles are carefully curated scents to inspire, relax and delight!

Blow candles are made from an all natural coconut wax blend, phthalate and paraben free fragrances and eco friendly, cotton braided wicks for a clean burn.

25-50hr burn time

Amber Noir

Sensual and warm are the words we'd use to describe this incredibly silky smooth scent. With hints of jasmine and dark musk, this candle gives us all slow jam and love song vibes. 
Perfect for: When you're feeling sexy. 

Seasalt and Orchid
A truly elegant scent. Bright floral notes blend with green leaves and ozone to create a relaxing, spa like vibe. Think; a fresh bouquet of flowers and the softest silk robe. This is one of our favorite candles to burn at home!
Mango and Coconut Milk
A Blow Co. favorite! This delicious scent is silky and luxurious. Think resort vibes! You're lying on the beach, feeling amazing. A warm beach breeze passes you as the server arrives with your beverage of choice. Ah... Yep, that’s this candle.
Grapefruit Mangosteen
A scent as bold and powerful as the badass women in our lives! Bright and punchy mandarin meet grapefruit and vanilla to create this seriously tasty scent.