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how rhae was born

Rachel Daugherty and Ashley Kriegel met when working together on their respective businesses Fine Healing Goods and millieandmoses.

Instant girlboss chemistry led them to realizing they each had strengths and capabilities that the other needed. While getting to know each other, the subject kept coming up on how hard it was to find cute clothes in their sizes.

After working together for months, and having the same issue prevail, they decided to do something about it. rhae was born as a size inclusive retail experience, in an effort to make shopping fun for EVERYbody. 
"rhae has to be inclusive", Ashley says, "or else it doesn't make sense". The co-founders are working hard to find vendors who align with their vision and include sizes for all. So far, they have curated Girlfriend Collective, Printfresh, and Universal Standard as size inclusive options, but they are still on the hunt for more brands. "We want to widen the options there are for all sizes to choose from", stated Rachel. rhae carries brands such as Clare V for their handbags, and Packed Party, which helps make the experience fun for all. But the biggest hurdle came when even vendors didn't have everything they needed, so then came the 'rhae robe'. Ashley shares, "We are currently beginning to work with a manufacturing company that is ethically aligned and woman centric to produce our own robes in house, and we cannot wait to make the big announcement!".
Shop small, support local, and shop woman-owned!
xo, Rachel & Ashley
Founders Rachel Daugherty & Ashley Kriegel

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